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Cyberpunk Melee Weapons

This is a low-poly 3D models package. This package contains 5 melee weapons, with each one configured with every basic setup ready, including texture maps and mesh colliders.

Space Shooter Projectile 2.5D Part 1

This is a set of 2D projectiles with VFX, created for 2D and 2.5D space shooter games. It adds more weapon variety and speed up development, thanks to fast implementation and customization.

Space Shooter Projectile 2.5D Part 2

This is the part 2 of the set of 2D projectiles, with more intense VFX. Created for 2D and 2.5D space shooter games.
It adds even more variety to your project, fast implementation and customization.

Space Shooter Projectile 2.5D Part 3

This is the part 3 of the set of 2D+3D projectiles. Better optimization for enemy attacks and simpler VFX. Perfect for 2D and 3D Shoot Em Up games. Fast implementation, modularity and customization.

Ultimate Modular Medieval Melee Weapons

This is a set of medieval style weapon's pieces, that can be arranged in almost any way to create melee weapons.

It's great for easily creating a wide variety of weapons, that can fit your game.

Cross Crystal LiveStage

This is a stage created for VRMLiveViewer. It can be used in other compatible applications. Both Full and GLB Only versions are exported in BLP format, which includes all meshes, textures, materials, animations, etc. The Blend file is compatible with Blender3.3.0 onwards.

Low Poly Road Vehicles 3D Part 1

Package of 10 Low Poly 3D vehicles, from lightweight to heavyweight road types. All with great color customization and decal support.

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Zamod Game Project

Control the Advanced Galactic Fighter in stopping the Ceblants in their attempt to conquer the Galaxy. Zamod Game Project is a “Shoot ’em Up” and “Bullet Hell” type space warfare video game.

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