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Cyberpunk Melee Weapons Pack

5 melee weapons based in the cyberpunk style. All are low-poly models, with hi-res textures. The pack includes 5 colors and 24 variations (albedo and emission), for each weapon.

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How to use: drag and drop the preferred prefab to the scene.

Interactive demo scene: enter play mode and choose the colors from this pack to review. *All files in the Demo’s folder are included for the purpose of running the demo scene.

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Cyberpunk Weapons All Red
Cyberpunk Weapons Blade All Base Colors
Cyberpunk Weapons Blade All FILL Colors
Cyberpunk Weapons Blade All Mod Colors
Cyberpunk Weapons Blade Red
Cyberpunk Weapons FILL vs MOD

Asset features:

5 low poly meshes:

Blade (218 faces)

Knife (250 faces)

Tonfa (220 faces)

Greatsword (252 faces)

Hammer (314 faces)

Textures resolution: 2048x2048px

Tonfa uses textures of 1024x2048px.

5 texture maps:

Albedo (29 per mesh)

Emission (emit) (29 per mesh)

Metallic (alpha as smoothness)

Ambient occlusion

Normal map

5 colors:

Red (#FF0000)

Blue (#001EFF)

Cyan (#00B8FF)

Lime (#00FF9F)

Purple (#D600FF)

2 modes of combination effect (manually textured), mixing two different colors (red excluded).

FILL: the secondary color is set on edges and hitting part, then bleeds on primary color at contact. Tonfa is set differently: cracks are dyed with secondary color, then bleeds on primary color.

MOD: secondary color dye the primary color over edges and hitting parts, like as light effect.

Albedo textures can be used without emission map.

Standard material is used in this asset pack.

The demo scene uses “Roboto Mono” font under Apache 2.0 license. See Licenses.txt and FontLicense.txt files in package for details.


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